How To Be Consistent


Being consistent plays a big role in what you do. In business is also also needed to build the momentum. If your like me, I’m a person who is having a hard time staying consistent before. I don’t like being interrupted in what I do, especially if I’m following a certain routine or schedule for the day.

I like planning things to do, so I know when to shift my energy and focus. When I’m interrupted I’m having a hard time to build the momentum again. I think you know the feeling when you are “IN THE ZONE”. It’s like your brain is super active and creative and you feel you can complete any task of the day.

Consistency is one of the things we should work on our daily habit. I believe this is one the most essential part of success.

Here’s a quote from Marie Forleo

Success Doesn’t Come From What You Do Occasionally, It Comes From What You Do Consistently.

My 6 Steps to Stay Consistent

1. Remember Your Emotional Why

This is really true. When sometimes we feel like being lazy working or doing our task, remembering our core reason “WHY” will helps us to stand up, chin up and do the work work no matter what. The reality is, we naturally forget things even our goals. That’s why if you are learning from other motivational speakers, they always advice that you always review, write or read your goals everyday. You can do this too.

Here’s what I do, every morning I always look on my whiteboard containing my goals, targets and plans. So that I will not forget, I’m in this exciting journey toward success.

2. One Thing At a Time

Do you know the Entrepreneur’s A.D.D.? If your like me I love to see different business model and I want to try it out myself. But the problem here is, you cannot do any significant progress to your main business if you have a lot of things on your mind that gets your attention and energy. I know you came to a point to do everything, especially if you see people are making easy money or people are jumping on board to new business strategy. Just focus on one thing only and expect significant results and progress in what you do.

3. Create a Schedule

I remember reading a book of Brian Tracy. One of his strategy making things done is planning your days ahead. So what he do before he sleeps at night, he starts creating his schedule for the next day. This will also making thing fast, because after waking up you just need to follow the whole schedule, so you won’t waste your brain thinking of what to do next.

4. Ignore Your Feeling

We need to master ourselves especially on how we feel. Because in reality we may fail on being consistent and sometimes we get discourage or disappointed in ourselves. But hey! Don’t get down, remember this is part of the journey. Even if you fail and you are feeling down, just remember because of your failure you are now one step away from achieving your success.

5. Create a Habit

This is also related on number 2 scheduling. By following our schedule and routine, especially if you are doing this consistently on next 21-30 days. This will help us build our habits and everything will feel natural. You will feel the sudden increase on your productivity and creativity.

6. Reward Yourself

In every accomplishment of milestone, make sure that you always reward yourselve with something that will satisfy you. The reward system will help you in terms of motivation. I remeber when I was starting out, my main goal that time was to buy this high specification laptop that I can used on the multimedia projects. The results, I was able to buy the laptop after few weeks of freelance work.

So get up, wake up and make a massive imperfect action. You don’t need to do perfect action, what you want to work on to stay on the right track and be consistent.

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