Roadblocks To Success And How To Drive Past Them

Where are you in your 5-year or 10-year goals? If you’ve shifted from a must-have to nice-to-have thinking, maybe you should double check why you’re not moving. Or maybe it’s because you don’t want to move at all. We will go over the roadblocks hindering you to make progress in your action plan, and give tips on how to drive past them.

Pick a road

First things first: identify your goals. In 5 years’ time, what do you wish to achieve? Set aside intimidating factors like cost and time. Reflect or write them down. You have to know what road you’re taking to map the route and calculate how much time you need to get to your destination.

Identify roadblocks

No journey is too smooth or seamless, especially the great ones. This is why it’s important to prepare yourself for possible problems while on the road. Do you have non-believers? While it can be disheartening to listen to doubts, having non-supporters is inevitable. They’re like checkpoints that you have to pass through and if you’re confident, you can bravely pass through them. While on your way, you’ll see constructions and new roads. Think of them as success stories. Fuel your desire to reach that goal by drawing inspiration from people or businesses that have flourished and are continuously blossoming. In this way, you know that reaching the destination is indeed possible. Lastly, be patient with traffic. Sometimes you’ll lose your momentum when you have to stop for a red light. But stopping and waiting is part of the journey. And when it’s finally your turn, it’ll be worth it.

Set an ETA

When you’re driving, getting lost or a few detours will cause a delay. Having an ETA gives you more responsibility and discipline. It’s also easier to commit to a timeline when it is expressed publicly. Think of it this way, you’re headed to your own wedding and you can’t be late. It’s a good kind of pressure and you’ll be needing it as you make your way to success. Create your plan with a sense of urgency.

Get your map

For some adventurers, a trip without a clear route can be exciting. While you want to be as adventurous as they are, accomplishing a time-sensitive goal can only be possible when you have a mapped out plan.  Break it down by phases so as not to fully exhaust your resources. Lastly, make sure that it is measurable so you can track your progress.

Begin driving

You’ve picked a road to take, anticipated roadblocks, committed to an ETA, and reviewed your map, now the only thing left is to begin driving. Gas up because you’re off to a great trip!  There’s no such thing as an unreachable dream if you have the right mindset and a concrete action plan. Start driving to your success destination.