Why I Started Blogging


This is not an instant decision. Actually blogging was my very first exposure to making money online. I remember it was 10 years ago, I came across to a blog of a young boy with same age  I was that time. What is shocking was, in a young age, he was already making $10,000+ through google adsense.

I think it was the holy grail of google adsense that time. I wanted to try the same thing, but I don’t have money to buy some information products to help me get started. Here’s another story, I got a PLR or Private Label Rights product about blogging and then upload it to giveaway sites and I was able to generate 600 leads in 7 days. But I don’t know how to monetize the list.

So for me, starting blog and make it grow is one of my dreams in the past and I’m fulfilling it now. But I also have a list of reasons, why I started blogging and why should build one for yourself too.

1. You can become a better writer.

One of the fears I have before is writing. I always feel insecure with my grammar and writing skills. I feel like nobody would like to read my articles or blog posts, because of bad writing. My mind shifted, when the time I was reading a blog posts. The famous blogger talks about how bad was his writing before. And now he is was on the famous bloggers today. So blogging can help you becoming a better writer. It takes time but it has long term benefits like you will be able to publish books, guest posts, copywriting, email marketing and many more.

2. You can make a difference

One of my main goals in life is to make a difference to the lives of other people. Giving value to them and helping them reach their goals. If you are observing the stories of the successful people, the common thing about them is LEGACY. How did you live your life?. Did you make an impact to the lives of other people? Did you matter? Did you make the world a better place to live?. These are few questions I always ask myself.

3. You will develop your confidence

If you are an introvert. You very nature is to being quiet and just observe the people around you. Through blogging, it can help you voice out your opinion. There’s no rules and this is your own little world. It will also help you express yourself more in public. You will also realize you have views that people might want to hear and this can kickstart your confidence.

4. Your life’s personal journal

If you love to store your memories and experience, blogging is the best way to do it. Not only you document your life’s experience, but you also share it to the world. It will also develop your awareness, because you keep track of what you do and accomplished. Good thing here, is you can always go back to this happy memories anytime and share it to your love ones.

5. You can start a business

This part is what people love the most, the make money side of blogging. Blogging can open a lot of opportunities like speaking, writing, selling info products and many more. I will create a special post for this section, because this will be a long topic.

6. Build your brand and credibility

Are you an expert in something?. Just by sharing and giving value to your audience can help you establish as an authority. You can be an instant authority on how you present yourselves to your readers. This can also land you opportunities like speaking gigs, interviews, especially if you are known for a specific topic or niche.

7. Overcome your fears

In blogging, fear is generally one of the first emotion you will have. There are fears in writing, guest posting, video blog, selling products and many more. But here’s the thing, you just need to remember your “Emotional Why”. Remember why you are doing and pursuing blogging. The greatest way to overcome your fear is to FACE IT.

8. Gives you freedom

Blogging can gives you the lifestyle that you want. You can see a lot of blogs talking about being location independent. You can work anywhere you want and anytime you want. You call the shots plus you are doing what you love.

9. Helps you discover your own voice

Everyone of us is unique. We have unique gift that we can share to the world. Everyone is different. We are not born to live someone else life. So don’t be afraid of writing and creating content. We have different ways and styles that only us can do. Don’t be afraid making mistakes. Discover and develop your own voice and believe me, you will attract people who can resonate with you. Don’t forget to be yourself.

10. Build a solid audience

Because blog can do many things in terms of communication and relationship. People can easily remember you and your brand. You can create a raving fans by just giving value and solving people’s problems.

11. Meet new people

This is one of the exciting perks of blogging. You will be able to connect with you other bloggers and influencers in different parts of the world. It’s also important to surround yourself with like minded people. This people will not just be your business partners but also a long term friend.

12. Develop self-discipline

Discipline is one of the key to success. In blogging, you need to be disciplined. You must follow your schedules and routines. It will also force you to accomplish things, because your audience are waiting for you and they believe in you. You don’t want to fail this people are following you.

So start blogging today, you have nothing to lose. Some blogger started their blog without any idea. They just took action and suddenly they discover what they really want to do and share to the world.


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